Washington Hospital Center Cancer Preventorium

Washington Hospital Center Cancer Preventorium created in 1994 by Elmer E. Huerta, MD, MPH, was established to prevent cancer at an early stage, when it is most curable. The center also educates about ways to decrease your cancer risk through healthier behaviors. Dr. Huerta, a cancer prevention specialist, evaluates your lifestyle, medical and family history and gives you a complete physical exam. This exam focuses on areas of the body that may display early signs of cancer, including; mouth, throat, skin, breasts, pelvis, rectum, prostate and testicles.

During the exam, the physician provides personal instruction to women about how to perform a breast self-exam and to men about how to perform a testicular self-exam. After the risk-assessment and physical exam, our cancer prevention physician meets with you to discuss your personal cancer risks. At that time, we give you specific recommendations about how to decrease your cancer risks.

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