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Executive Director YaVonne Vaughan Quoted in Washington Business Journal Article

November 30, 2012

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Greta Kreuz

A new report shows that the cancer death rate among African Americans in Washington, D.C. exceeds the national rate.

Stephen Jefferson, 46, has fibrosis of the lungs, one of many complications of his cancer. The southeast D.C. resident was diagnosed in 2009 with stage four hodgkins lymphoma.

“I was one of the dumb ones and I say that and it’s true because I didn’t go get a physical, didn’t go get screened, didn’t go get checked,” he says.

That all plays a big role in the sharp cancer disparity between blacks and whites in the District.

Blacks in the District are 54-percent more likely to get cancer than whites, much higher than the 4-percent difference nationwide. Blacks in D.C. are 90-percent more likely to die of cancer, almost five times the national rate.
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East of the River Capital Community News July 2012

Colorectal Cancer in DC: A War That Can Be Won

Candace Y.A. Montague

In order to combat the rising colorectal cancer rates, the community must take a deeper look within and fund life-saving programs.

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Washington Business Journal Guest Commentary

YaVonne Vaughan

City Needs Cancer Control Fund

May 3, 2012

It’s no secret that a healthy community helps business thrive. But in the District, the “elephant in the room” remains our community’s collective foot-dragging over aggressive, collaborative steps to ease the burden of cancer, particularly among the medically underserved.

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The Washington Post  Letter to the Editor

YaVonne Vaughan

The City Needs to Spend More Money on Cancer Fight

February 15, 2012

News of the District’s revised budget projection touched off a great debate about what to do with the new found surplus of $240 million [ “Gray sets economic priorities in speech,” Metro, Feb. 8]. Returning some of it to taxpayers, as some have suggested, makes perfect sense based on the faulty assumptions about a budget shortfall that triggered the recent tax increase. Read more..

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