DCCC Meets the Man Who Walked Across America


Over the past five years, George Throop has been traveling across America, by foot, to raise awareness and support for cancer prevention. Having been affected by cancer at age nine with the loss of his mother in 1985, he has been actively promoting healthy lifestyle changes to prevent cancer. He began his “Walk of Inspiration” in September 2009, after concluding a trip to Mexico where he traveled and volunteered for several months. His noble effort has gained national and local media attention, praise, and admiration as he also invites people to join him in his efforts to promote positive steps of change.

Starting in his home of Washington State, he has traveled thousands of miles, walking through several of the fifty states including Oregon, California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia, as well as several other states. Continuing on his walk he has finally made it to Washington D.C., where we at the DC Cancer Consortium, have had the pleasure to chat with him.

George Throop joined us for lunch and told us stories of the people he met and the places he had seen along his journey. His experience walking across America showed him that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. He talked to us about food deserts, poordiets, and lack of access to information and healthy food in places all across America.

DCCC along with Mr. Throop believe that raising awareness for cancer prevention is vital. It is important to address that there are certain habits that lead to chronic diseases including cancer. A simple change in behavior, like drinking water instead of soda, can add on years, even decades to a life.

George is headed back home to Washington State for now. He is coming back to DC in September to continue his journey to New England.  George and the DC Cancer Consortium will work together to help raise awareness about the importance of healthy living.

George’s journey inspired us here at the office, as well as millions of others, to take initiative and begin living healthier lifestyles. One of the easiest ways to prevent cancer is to simply go for a walk every day.

Take a step to fight cancer!


You can read about George’s journey on his blog.

Muqsita Abdul-Malik contributed to this post.